• Yanisa Praneetvatakul Phramongkutklao College of Medicine
  • Sirada Larpjit Phramongkutklao College of Medicine
  • Kanlaya Jongcherdchootrakul Department of Military and Community Medicine, Phramongkutklao College of Medicine
  • Teeraboon Lertwanichwattana Department of Military and Community Medicine, Phramongkutklao College of Medicine



Malnutrition, Gouty arthritis, Cancer, History of Covid-19 infection, Elderly, Outpatient, Thailand


Background: The number of Thais aged 60 and older has increased dramatically, and this trend will continue, making Thailand an increasingly aging society in the coming decades. The nutritional state of the elderly should be a major priority because it harms mortality and quality of life.

Methods: From August to September 2022, the prevalence and associated determinants of malnutrition were determined based on a survey and hospital records using the Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA®) as a screening tool for malnutrition among the elderly attending the outpatient department at Bangkhla Hospital. Multinomial regression analysis accounted for any confounding factors yielding an adjusted odds ratio (aOR) and 95% confidence intervals (95%CI).

Results: This study enrolled a total of 91 individuals. Of these, 4.40% (95%CI= 0.01-0.11) of the participants were malnourished, while 18.70% (95%CI=0.11-0.28) were at risk of malnutrition. After controlling for potential confounding factors, a history of Covid-19 was associated with malnutrition (aOR=55.00, 95%CI= 2.70 to 1110.30), cancer (aOR= 25.80, 95%CI= 1.60-409.40) and gouty arthritis (aOR= 8.80, 95%CI= 1.20-59.60) was similarly associated with at risk of malnutrition. However, the protective effect of exercise was associated with malnutrition and risk of malnutrition, respectively (aOR= 0.04, 0.13, 95%CI= 0.00-0.80, 0.00-0.50).

Conclusion: Overall, the study emphasized the significance of addressing malnutrition which was on the rise among the elderly in community hospitals in Thailand, especially in light of the aging population. Health professionals and policymakers should be aware of the various factors associated with malnutrition and strive to implement appropriate interventions to improve the nutritional status and quality of life of the elderly.


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